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A brief description of manufacturing process method of aluminum pallet
Nov 27, 2018

If you want to special custom aluminum alloy tray first to open the mold, according to the cross-sectional shape of each component, generally a tray needs to open 4-5 to pay the mold. After the mold out can be tested mold production, extrusion aluminum profiles. Aluminum profile After extrusion molding of the extruder to go through quenching, artificial aging, surface anodic oxidation and other processes, so that the material is more hard, corrosion-resistant.

This is the raw material for aluminum alloy pallets.

After the production of raw materials to be transferred to the deep processing workshop, according to the custom size of the tray sawing, punching, deburring and other processes, deep-processed aluminum profiles are aluminum alloy pallets semi-finished products. These semi-finished products are then riveted according to the drawings and assembled into finished products.

Finally in four corner pad on the pad, the beam embedded flat groove strip, such a beautiful atmosphere and practical aluminum alloy tray will be completed! Of course, welded aluminum tray does not need so many processes, just use aluminum square tube, sawing after the welding can be. Welded aluminum tray has its disadvantages, not beautiful enough, welding parts are not strong enough, the general mass production of manufacturers are riveted way, can carry out assembly line operation, and riveting tray with broken can replace the beam, saving the cost of users.

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