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Aluminum fence and railing technical parameters
Nov 27, 2018

Indoor and outdoor platform, staircase, ramp guardrail design standards

1.1 Platform Guardrail height (handrail upper plane distance ground): 900mm-1200mm;

1.2 Guardrail column Vertical spacing ≦1200mm, Glass guardrail column vertical spacing ≦1000mm;

1.3. The vertical spacing of the guardrail rod is ≦110mm;

1.4 Handrail and upper crossbar balance spacing ≦110mm, lower crossbar and ground balance spacing ≦110mm;

1.5 Pipe Wall requirements: Handrail, column ≧1.4mm; crossbar ≧1.2mm; vertical rod ≧1.0mm;

1.6 Profile finishes: The use of Aksu outdoor powder high-temperature electrostatic powder spraying or oxidation electrophoresis coloring production process, color according to engineering design;

1.7 Production process: the use of classical buckle rapid combination of production process, no need for welding, wire and corner code connection;

1.8 Glass Guardrail Technical requirements: the use of steel adhesive safety glass, thickness of 12mm, embedded depth of 12mm, Glass quadrilateral using EPDM strip mosaic;

1.9 Construction and installation technical requirements: Handrails and wall façade using aluminum die castings inside the expansion bolt fixed, the column and the ground using aluminum connector internal expansion bolt fixed.

1.10 Guardrail overall uniform load ≧1000n/m.

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