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Aluminum Pallet Choose welding or riveting?
Nov 27, 2018

We know that there are two kinds of aluminum alloy tray assembly connection, one is welded, and the other is riveted. At present, most of the aluminum alloy pallets on the market are welded, riveting relatively few.

It's riveted, it's not welded, okay? Let's analyze It:

Aluminum Alloy Tray First of all, welding is not environmentally friendly, welding process produces harmful gases, pollution of the environment, and welding on the human body is also relatively large damage.

And riveting, there will be no such harm. Secondly, welding hair fastness is not riveted good, riveting is each connection point will be used rivet connection, strong and durable. Even if one is broken, it can be replaced.

And welding is only welded to the connected surface, although it looks very strong, but it is easy to break, bad an entire tray is scrapped. Again, riveted aluminum alloy tray mass production efficiency is high, can flow operation. and welded aluminum alloy pallets are time-consuming and laborious.

Large manual consumption, low output, not suitable for mass production. Although the riveted tray requires punching, and increases the cost of rivets, a tray requires more than 100 rivets. But the overall calculation or rivet tray is more suitable for promotion.

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