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Aluminum Pallet is more environmentally friendly on materials
Nov 27, 2018

The tray is a very convenient transport carrying tool, which is a loading and unloading pad composed of the load surface and the forklift socket of the items that can carry the quantity unit.

It is used in conjunction with forklifts, instead of manual handling of the hard work, but also greatly save time. Pallet according to the material can be divided into wooden pallets, plastic trays, paper trays and metal pallets and so on. Metal pallets can also be divided into stainless steel pallets, steel trays and aluminum alloy trays.

The advantages of metal pallets are high strength, environmental protection, recyclable. and the advantages of aluminum alloy tray is more obvious, aluminum alloy tray and steel tray compared to lighter, aluminum density only one-third of steel. Therefore, aluminum alloy pallet transport, storage is more convenient.

And although the aluminum alloy is light, but the strength does not show weakness at all. and aluminum alloy tray corrosion resistance, the surface after anodic oxidation treatment of aluminum alloy tray, the surface of the formation of a transparent and hard oxide film, very wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

Ideal for wet and corrosive gas environments. Aluminum Alloy Tray There is also a greater advantage is environmental protection, can be reused.

In the national strong promotion of environmental protection under the environment, aluminum alloy tray application prospects are still very broad. Aluminum alloy tray Firmness is also very good, some people worry about aluminum tray used for a long time on the fall, deformation and so on. In fact, aluminum alloy pallets are strictly inspected and do load-bearing tests before leaving the factory, most of the aluminum trays are welded or riveted, the connection is firm and very durable.

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