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Daily maintenance work of Aluminum pallet
Nov 27, 2018

1. Gauges should be stored in a clean, dry, non-vibrating, non-corrosive gas, and away from areas with a wide range of temperature changes or where there is a magnetic field.

The gauges stored in the gauge box should be clean and dry, and no other debris should be stored. 2. Aluminum profile processing welding method, after the use of gauges, to wipe clean surface stains, aluminum chips, release the fastening device, when not used for a long time, in the measurement surface to apply rust resistant oil.

When not in use, the gauges should be placed in the protection box, the best person to use full-time, and do a good job of gauges through the authoritative unit testing of the annual audit records.

3. Do not use oil stone, sandcloth scrub surface and measuring surface and engraving part, non-metering maintenance personnel, strictly prohibit disassembly, modification and unauthorized repair of gauges.

4. Daily maintenance, can not use brushes and other hard objects as a cleaning tool, should choose soft cotton yarn and cotton cloth.

5. Cleaning can be used with water, detergent and soap, but not with other organic matter.

6. When there is burrs on the surface of the workpiece, be sure to go to the net burr, and then measure, otherwise it will wear the gauges, and will also affect the accuracy of the measurement results.

7. Do not touch the measuring surface of the gauge by hand, because wet dirt such as sweat on the hand will pollute the measuring surface and make it rust. Gauges should not be mixed with other tools, and metal substances to avoid bumping gauges.

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