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How to judge the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum fence and railing profile
Nov 27, 2018

With the naked eye inspection, can also put forward the quality of good or bad conclusions, mainly check the following aspects:

(1) first check the wall thickness of the profile, it is really thin-walled profiles can not be used.

(2) Check the smoothness of the profile surface, such as hollow profiles, to see if the quadrilateral has a sag and bulging.

(3) Check the profile 6 meters long one, whether there is a clear twist twist, twist screw is very large can not be used, because in the cast aluminum window, the profile should be screwed straight, so that this profile in the window is always the original twist and screw stress.

(4) Check the surface of the profile without open bubbles (white dots) and ash (black dots).

(5) The surface of the profile is not allowed to crack, burr, skin, corrosion.

(6) The surface of the profile is not allowed to have obvious scratches, pressure pits, bumps.

(7) Profile with two hands bending, torsional screw strength is good, after letting go can be restored. Can not be too soft, like  "noodles " shape must not be used.

(8) The same profile is not allowed to appear in two colors of different shades.

(9) Put a few profiles together to see its chromatic aberration size, such as color difference is very large, not easy to use.

(10) In the profile surface with smooth hard objects (iron), lightly paddling together, in the profile surface left a white scratch, if you can wipe off the oxide film, such as white scratches with the hand can not wipe off, the oxide film has been crossed off, indicating that the oxide film firmness is poor, the oxide film is too thin, aluminum oxidation quality is poor. The quality of aluminum is related to many factors, above is very simple and popular introduction, mainly for users to buy aluminum has a preliminary selection of materials basis, do not fall for it. When buying materials to look at the test report, listen to the salesperson's mouth, and greedy for cheap, so it is easy to buy back unqualified aluminum to create hidden dangers to the building.

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