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Market analysis of Aluminum fence and railing
Nov 27, 2018

At present, most real estate industry and other industries use the guardrail is mostly iron guardrail. Suppliers in the bid bidding, because the price through the repeatedly of prices caused by bad vicious competition, the bid price of the profit is minimal, or even insufficient costs, so in the process of processing and manufacturing, cutting corners, rough is inevitable, thus seriously damaging the interests of consumers. If in strict accordance with the technical requirements of the drawing design for processing and production, its cost costs and the price can not be compared.

Through market research, the traditional guardrail life is more than seven or eight years, less three or four years. In accordance with the National civil construction quality of the implementation of the relevant provisions of the life responsibility system, those easy to rust, perishable, brittle, quality can not guarantee the guardrail if continued to use, it is worrying. Although the price of color aluminum guardrail is high, its quality quality and practical value exceed the traditional guardrail several times. Color Aluminum Guardrail not only has a safety guarantee for people's lives, but also plays an ideal decorative role, not only to the quality of the project has increased the highlights, economic development has also progressive a new level.

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