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More practical advantages of choosing aluminum trays
Nov 27, 2018

In general, choose different pallets in different application environments, why choose metal pallets? Use the temperature of the environment. Different application temperature directly affects the selection of pallet production data. This is because different data pallets have their normal function to play the temperature scale.

Aluminum pallets are not only suitable for normal temperature use, but also suitable for refrigeration or freezer storage requirements. Use the humidity of the environment. Some of the data tray because of the strong moisture absorption, such as wood tray can not be used in the humid environment, otherwise it will directly affect its service life.

Aluminium pallets are made from common information and remain unaffected in the high temperature environment and in the case of parts of the rainforest. Use the cleanliness of the environment. To consider the use of the environment on the pallet pollution degree.

A highly polluting environment is sure to select pollution-resistant pallets that are conducive to cleaning, such as aluminum trays. Use the ph of the environment. In some environments, ph is relatively high, it is not appropriate to use the general tray. At this time, it is necessary to select corrosion-resistant metal pallets.

Aluminum tray, corrosion resistance, quality is ensured! Especially for export, do not need fumigation, high temperature disinfection may be anti-corrosion treatment, because many countries on the use of imported goods packaging data requirements for fumigation and insecticidal treatment, it is equivalent to increased export costs. And the selection of Heilongjiang aluminum tray to avoid some unnecessary trouble. Can be produced according to customer requirements, it can be applied to a variety of occupations in the packaging and transportation of goods, especially in export trade can show its advantages.

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