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Technical standards for Aluminum fence and railing
Nov 27, 2018

Aluminum Alloy guardrail using 6063 industrial aluminum, through extrusion, aging, branding, high-temperature electrostatic spraying, with the classical buckle combination of new technology made. Aluminum alloy Guardrail does not need welding, wire connection and corner code connections, its joints are tightly seamless, safe and reliable, rich in beautiful fashion does not rust, green environmental protection long life of the excellent quality.

Color Aluminum Guardrail is the crystallization of a great revolution in China's guardrail industry, which not only conforms to the needs of the development of the times, but also responds to the strategic policy of low carbon consumption reduction, energy saving and environmental protection. In people's lives will become a safety enclosure, decorative isolation indispensable an ideal product. In the construction of civilized cities will become a beautiful scenic line. In the construction of real estate industry will become a new initiative, new concept, new image of industrial development.

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