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Analysis On How To Treat Aluminum Composite Products Scientifically
Nov 27, 2018

Pallet is actually a lot of industries will be used, even in the middle of our lives, can be seen everywhere, imagine the bakery just baked bread, with is not aluminum tray? In addition, pallets can also be used to check items, this time is a problem in the logistics industry. A lot of people are going to ask, aluminum is so important, why should it be used to make pallets?

Aluminum pallet Manufacturers today to tell you about this problem, in fact, this problem is related to the use of aluminum in the process of some minor problems! Question one: What are the drawbacks of the blank parts combined with two grades of aluminum profiles?

How to deal with the most scientific? Generally speaking, according to the anode oxygen working art, different grades of aluminum profiles produced by the components can be normal operation of anodic oxidation treatment, but the appearance of the film layer will be different with the various grades.

This depends on where the use of aluminum products, if it is used for decoration, then must be in advance to the relevant personnel to explain the situation, if not, it will be revised in a timely manner, if it is based on protection, then do not have to consider this factor. The workpiece of this aluminum product will generally appear two-color or three-color after anodic oxidation (the three colors here, including the color left by the welding electrode) oxide film.

To this end, in the design to make a request, whether the use of the same grade of aluminum profiles, the same grade here, including the number of welding rods should also be the same, so that after welding will not appear two-color situation.

In fact, want to avoid such a situation, as long as in the case of machining, without two or more grades of aluminum mixing, these two-color, tri-color aluminum products can be avoided. Two-color, tri-color aluminum testing is the need for electroplating process of the master in the work of careful verification, if there is such a problem, to be immediately corrected.

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