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Cause Of Line Defect In Aluminum Profile Pallet Processing
Nov 27, 2018

There are several reasons for short strip and line defects in aluminum extrusion profiles in the processing of aluminum products are as follows:

Underline defect representation Phenomenon:

White has a certain depth, on the surface of industrial aluminum profiles longitudinal distribution, intermittent or sporadic appearance, aluminum alloy profile tail end than the front end of serious oxidation after the gray black.

1. Extrusion speed and extrusion temperature too fast too high, the quality of the rod is very poor;

2. Aluminum extrusion cylinder, aluminum extrusion pad between the matching size is extremely poor, aluminum granular metal pressure;

3. Aluminum extrusion mold used too long, insufficient hardness; Aluminum products Processing manufacturers should note that if on a parallel line, intermittent appearance of a short white dash, which is caused by the mold hole. The irregular short white line is caused by the pressure of the metal particles, which is the size of the extrusion tool with the super difference.

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