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Do You Know What The Specifications Of Aluminum Pallet Are?
Nov 27, 2018

At present, China's aluminum alloy tray does not have a standard size, pallet specifications are mostly customized according to customer product specifications, appears to be very chaotic, about pallet standards, is a professional pallet terminology, pallet packaging, etc., today's small series on the next aluminum alloy tray in the end what specifications. In addition to the mechanical industrial system using jb3003-81 specified 800mmx1000mm and 500mm~800mm two specifications of pallets, in 1996, the Ministry of Communications of China also proposed to iso6780:1988 "intermodal general flat pallet main size and tolerance" Equivalent use as a national standard for Chinese pallets.

Subsequently, the former state Bureau of Technical Supervision approved and issued this equivalent standard with the GB/T2934-1996 standard series, which includes 4 pallet specifications such as 1200mmxl000mm, l200mmx800mm, 1140mmxl140mm and 1219mmxl016mm. In addition, with regard to pallet standards, China also has gb/t3716-2000 pallet terminology, gb/t16470-1996 pallet packaging, gb/t15234-1994 plastic flat tray, gb/t4995-1996 intermodal general flat pallet performance requirements, gb/t4996- 1996 combined with the general flat pallet test method and other national standards. Not only that, in China's Japanese-funded, Korean-funded enterprises also use a large number of l100mmx1100mm specifications of the tray. All these show that China adopts too many pallet standards, if not vigorously rectification, it is difficult to effectively solve the problem of the unification of Chinese pallet specifications. According to the Pallet Professional Committee survey found that the current circulation of pallet specifications are more messy. Include: 2000mmx1000mm, 1500mmx1100mm, 1500mmx1000mm, 1400mmx1200mm, 1300mmx1000mm, l200mmx1000mm, 1200mmx800mm, l200mmx 1100mm, 1100mmxl000mm, 1100mmx1100mm, 1100mmx900mm, l000mmx1000mm, l000mmx800mm, l200mmxl200mm, l300mmxl600mm, l300mmx l100mm and other dozens of kinds of specifications.

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