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Process Flow Of Anodic Oxidation Treatment Of Industrial Aluminum Profiles
Nov 26, 2018

Aluminum element is one of the six metal elements in the natural world, rich in aluminum resources in China, more than 2/3 iron content, but in the use of resources is far less than iron resources, the primary reason is the use of resources and product development in the field of lack of formation; At present, China has now classified the development of aluminum resources as a key development project,

Its primary embodiment in industrial production work, in recent years, China's industrial aluminum profile product development speed, aluminum resources development skills and technology continue to improve, product category sensitive addition, aluminum resource utilization rate continues to accelerate the development process of aluminum resources in China.

The chemical properties and physical functions of aluminum: Aluminum surface is silvery white, light quality, but has a high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and ductility, related to other metals have a high anti-corrosion function; Pure aluminum is a very soft substance, it is necessary to add other alloy elements have always advanced their strength and hardness; Aluminium is a very vivid chemical element that dissolves both acids, but also soluble in alkali, is a typical dual-sex substance, and a long period of exposure to the surface will naturally form a protective film, with a certain protective effect.

Aluminum profile Product Processing flow:

Aluminium is molded by forming other alloying elements to obtain aluminum ingots (aluminum ingots are raw materials for casting aluminum rods).

Aluminium ingots are cast with aluminum rods (aluminum rods are used to produce raw materials for kneading industrial aluminum profiles).

Aluminum rod system to form industrial aluminum profiles need to go through the West process:

①: Furnace heating.

②: Mold Planning (mold is based on product requirements and planning of products kneading training equipment).

③: The use of kneading machine (6063-T5 series of common profile kneading machine generally in 1300-1600 tons, such as the demand to produce a higher standard of profile demand according to the actual situation to choose a higher epiphany kneading machine) kneading, through the mold to obtain different interface of industrial aluminum profile products.

④: Aluminum profile correction.

⑤: Straighten up.

⑥: Aging (Aging is a key step affecting the strength and hardness of industrial aluminum profile products)

⑦: Oxidation treatment.

⑧: Sand Blasting oxidation (sandblasting oxidation is to refine the surface tensile lines of the profile, and do the surface of two times treatment, can refine the surface micropores of industrial aluminum profiles, enhance antioxidant ability).

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