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Ramp Wheelchair Hand Push On And Off Device
Nov 27, 2018

In order to facilitate the access of disabled persons to the car, the barrier-free design of the public transport system began to be applied to buses, for example, Poland's Solaris Bus company, the United Kingdom's Ankai bus company and China's Suzhou Jinlong Company have designed and developed a ramp wheelchair hand push onto the car device. After the car stops, the bus door will automatically stick out a piece of anti-skid with the same width as the door, set between the vehicle and the road, to form a ramp, the lower extremity obstacle needs to complete the car with the assistance of ordinary people, the car has special seats for the disabled and the elderly, and leave a special wheelchair space.

This convenient person with lower extremity obstacle to get on and off the device has the advantages of simple structure and low manufacturing cost, but there are still many shortcomings. According to the provisions of the technical requirements for barrier-free low-floor and low-entry urban passenger cars, as well as the internationally accepted standards for barrier-free design, the slope of the ramp between the vehicle and the road surface cannot exceed 12%, but at the same time the vehicle's chassis should not be too low, resulting in a longer ramp between the vehicle and the pavement, The space occupied by the vehicle itself is larger, so the limitation of the application of the structure is also increased.

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