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Tips For Judging The Advantages And Disadvantages Of All Materials For Aluminum Alloy Pallets
Nov 27, 2018

1. Extrusion defects

Aluminum profile extrusion process due to machine equipment is perfect, processing technology is mature and staff operation is improper and other reasons, will lead to aluminum profiles such as white dots, inclusions, stratification, chromatic aberration, distortion and other defects, affecting the quality of aluminum profiles.

2. Thin oxide film thickness

The general standard aluminum profile oxide film thickness should not be less than 10um (micron). If the thickness is not enough, the surface of aluminum profile is easy to rust, corrosion, shorten the service life. And there are some non-production name, factory address, production license, certification of aluminum profile manufacturers, in order to save costs, its oxide film thickness is only 2 to 4um, and some do not even have oxidation film. resulting in poor quality of aluminum profiles.

3. Non-conforming chemical composition

Some manufacturers in order to retain customers, do not hesitate to mix a large number of miscellaneous aluminum, waste aluminum aluminum profiles can greatly reduce costs, but will lead to industrial aluminum profile chemical composition is not qualified, seriously endangering the life of aluminum profiles.

4. Reduce the wall thickness of aluminum profiles

Some manufacturers will make aluminum profiles of the wall thickness is not enough, originally is 1.5MM thick aluminum, they in order to save costs, only to do 1.2MM, this way, an aluminum price must be much cheaper.

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