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Which Is Better Than An Aluminum Tray Compared To A Wooden Tray
Nov 27, 2018

Perhaps some manufacturers will not use aluminum pallets, think that the early investment, think that the cost of aluminum pallets is too high, not as cheap and practical wood pallets. I also seriously considered this question, if an aluminum tray according to 450 yuan, a wooden tray according to 75 yuan to calculate, then the price of aluminum tray is 6 times times the wood tray.

In this way, it seems that the price disparity is indeed too large. But the life of the wooden tray is much lower than that of the aluminum tray. According to statistics, the average good quality wooden tray after 3 times, need to repair at least once. The cost of repair is not less than 3 U.S. dollars, equivalent to nearly 20 yuan. Based on the high maintenance costs, some manufacturers simply threw away the damaged pallets. The frequent replacement of pallets undoubtedly greatly increases the cost.

I have seen a factory to bring the supplier with the goods of the wooden tray all thrown into the garbage dump, piled into a hill, that is a large area of destroyed Woods! And the service life of aluminum tray is at least two years. Even if two years later scrapped, as scrap aluminum recovery There is a high value for Gold Exchange. We follow a 450 yuan aluminum tray life of two years, a 75 yuan wooden tray life of 3 months to calculate. In two years, 8 wooden trays, or 600 yuan, will be used. Two years later this aluminum alloy tray was scrapped, when the waste aluminum sold 100 yuan, the actual cost of 350 of dollars. and 8 wooden pallets were scrapped when firewood sold were worthless.

In this way, the actual cost of wooden pallets is much higher than the aluminum tray. Therefore, aluminum alloy tray can completely replace the use of wooden pallets. The premise is to establish a good recycling mechanism, it is best to customize the aluminum alloy tray when the company logo on the tray, with the goods out of the aluminum alloy tray to count the quantity, regular recovery. Aluminum alloy pallets In the factory should also be regularly counted to avoid loss.

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